With a mischievous nature and a tendency to be candid, Oklahoma native Nikki Jackson, has a flair for stirring up emotions in her listeners. Her poetic songwriting and eclectic repertoire of songs create an experience for the audience akin to opening up a gripping novel, the kind that leaves you eager to turn the page while simultaneously compelling you to go back and re-read the paragraph you just finished, analyzing each and every word along the way.    

Nikki recalls some of her earliest childhood memories sifting through her parents’ collection of vinyl records from the 70s. Her love of music would evolve from there. From a brief obsession with Garth Brooks in grade school to a lifelong love of hip hop that started on the Jr High school bus, she has always been somewhat of an artistic sponge, soaking up whatever style of music she is exposed to.   

Nikki began writing songs when she was 9 years old and continued to devote all of her free-time to improving her musical skills. After high school, a decade-long battle with stage fright finally got the best of her and she accepted the fact that music just wasn’t a feasible career path. While this may have been the end of performing (at least for the time being), the lack of outside pressure allowed her to hone her songwriting craft in a new way and propel her artistry to the next level. After a few years of playing in her bedroom and sharing her music on social media, she began booking shows around her hometown of Oklahoma City (the stage-fright no longer being an issue). In 2021, she self-released her first single titled When You Go and shortly after, enrolled at ACM@UCO to study Music Business. In 2023, Nikki launched Okie Disposition, a company created to assist independent artists and venues in Oklahoma with their music-related business endeavors.   

Today, Nikki continues to tour the region and is currently working on her next recording project, expected to be released in 2025.